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Gout is caused by high levels of one of the body’s normal waste products, urate.

Usually, our kidneys flush urate out of our bodies. When you have gout, your body makes and stores small crystals out of urate. Our body’s immune system reacts to these crystals. This causes a gout attack.

A ‘gout attack’ is often the first sign you have gout. In a gout attack a joint suddenly becomes painful, red and swollen. This is where the crystals have been building up. It can happen in any joint. The big toe is the most common.

If you think you are having a gout attack see your doctor as soon as you can!


Watch Dr. David Bursill a rheumatologist and expert in gout in this Gout Q&A webinar.

Gout Q & A

This webinar was made possible through funding from the Country SA Primary Health Network.

The resources below provide more information about gout.

Gout in daily life

While there is no cure, gout can be controlled. Medicines and lifestyle changes give the best results. Visit the resources below to learn more.

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