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What is a Kidsflix event?

Beginning in Adelaide in 1998, Kidsflix events are now held across metropolitan and regional South Australia, Victoria, and New South Wales. Events are free and inclusive for children living with:

  • Juvenile idiopathic arthritis
  • Significant and/or chronic health conditions
  • Disability
  • Special needs

The mornings include entertainment such as face painting. A new release children’s movie with a complementary drink and popcorn.

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How you can help

Every child and family attending a Kidsflix event is sponsored by a local community member or a business.

By supporting a Kidsflix event and families in your community, you will be bringing joy and a sense of belonging to a child or family who would be very unlikely to otherwise have a movie experience. Kidsflix acknowledges the special needs of some children and brings families together.

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