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Fight Club

Join our monthly giving program – Fight Club – and fight for the health of your loved ones! Monthly giving is vital because it provides our researchers with reliable and ongoing funding for the duration of their projects, so they can continue fighting for a healthier future for all of us.

Thank you for joining the Fight Club!

Monthly Donation

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It's time to join the Fight Club!

Why join the Fight Club?

There is nothing more vital and valuable than our health. One of the most important lessons we’ve learnt in recent times, is that disease and illness can affect all of us. That’s why now more than ever, we need you to show your commitment to the fight for better health by supporting lifesaving medical research and improved healthcare.

Our researchers can’t do it alone. They need reliable and ongoing funding to make the breakthroughs our community desperately need. Your support through the Fight Club could be the missing piece of the research puzzle! It’s your time to make a difference.

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Here are just some of the research and care projects your monthly gifts can support

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$30 per month

Can help fund our free phone information line which provides information and support to people with arthritis.

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$60 per month

Can help our health education officers raise awareness in our community with a series of free information sessions about arthritis and managing symptoms.

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$120 per month

Can provide ongoing funding for critical research into the treatment, prevention and cure of arthritis.

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Benefits of joining the Fight Club

Stable Funding

You provide stable funding that is vital to sustain long term projects.

Every Dollar Counts

100% of your donations, plus more, go directly to THRFG - Arthritis.

Peace of Mind

Once you’re signed-up, it’s all automatic! You can rest easy knowing you’re continuing to help save lives.

Tax Deductible

All your tax-deductible gifts will be on one receipt at the end of financial year.

You're in Control

You are always in control and can cancel or change your gift amount at any time.

Events and More

You’ll be invited to meet the researchers you’re supporting at regular events as well as access to exclusive supporter events.

Frequently Asked Questions - Monthly Giving

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